Grade 6 Students & Families

Welcome to Madill Grade 6 Newsletter

Part 1:
Parents can use this form to book a phone meeting with an administrator, classroom teacher, and special education teacher.

This is our opportunity for school staff to answer questions about the transition.
Meetings will be booked December 15th 7:30pm - 9:00pm.

If this date or time does not work for your family call the school anytime with questions (519-357-1800).

Link is live Dec 15th @ 7pm.  

This video can be viewed anytime after this by opening the link.


Part 3:

School Map

Link for the Virtual Tour Video



The Ministry no longer requires a full registration form when students are transferring between schools within the Board.  Grade 8 students transferring to a Grade 9 school will need a transfer form distributed and collected by their home school.  Students in Grade 8 within a 7-12 building do not require this form.  Grade 6 students transferring to a 7-12 building will also require a transfer form provided by their home school.  Full registration forms are still required for students from a different school board.