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Student Services and Diploma Requirements

Guidance Services

The Guidance department serves the young people of our school in many ways.  Our Guidance Counsellors assist young people to adjust to secondary school, in the choice of courses, in the consideration of a future vocation or post-secondary education, and in the solution of personal and other concerns.

The department provides services which include counselling, occupational and educational information, apprenticeship requirements, standardized testing, university and college information and many other services.  Students and parents are encouraged to contact the guidance department for help or information.  Requests for counselling appointments with the school social worker may be made in the Guidance Office.

Peer Mentors/Peer Tutors

The school has supportive programs with extensive student involvement.  Contact the Guidance department, or the Peer Mentor page under the Student section of this website,  for more details.

Student Exchange Programs

Application for an exchange is made in the late fall for the following school year.  For more information, contact the Guidance department.

Health Services

A Public Health Nurse is available at the school every other week. Please check the schedule on the Health Room door, or ask in the Guidance or main office, for specific dates and times.

The Huron County Health Unit’s Wingham storefront office location is 288 Josephine St.  Students and community members are able to drop in for our Health Link Clinic that offers Sexual Health Services year round at low to no cost.  No health card is required.  Call 519-357-4993 for additional information.  Students may also call the Clinton Health Unit for health related services and support.  Call 519-482-3416 or 1-877-837-6143.